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Saint Lawrence Valley
Repeater Council

Comité de Coordination
de Fréquences de la
Vallée du St-Laurent

The Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council serves the diversified amateur 
radio community in coordinating the use of the 10 Meter FM segment and 
higher frequency bands for installations normally operating on one or more 
fixed frequencies.

The area of the Council includes Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties of 
New York State, the counties of Eastern Ontario, and a portion of Western 
Quebec. The Council has been in regular operation for over 30 years.

Please communicate with the Council 
- on Repeaters, Technical Information Reports, and Frequency 
related matters, through the Chairman
- on other matters, through the SLVRC Secretary

WebMaster:  Graham Ide -- VE3BYT

- General Meeting -
- Réunion Générale -

- 2014 Spring General Meeting -

The 2014 Spring General Meeting was 
held on May 10 in Smiths Falls 
at the Smiths Falls Curling Club, 
following the amateur radio fleamarket. 

Thanks to those who participated in this  session.
The link to the meeting minutes is in the table of contents.

Don Greene
Chairman, SLVRC

-- Table of Contents --

Policies and Processes of the SLVRC
- See Note below -

Counties Served, and Subaudible Tone Plan

Executive of the Council

Minutes of the May 10 2014 General Meeting

Minutes of the May 11 2013 General Meeting

Minutes of the May 12 2012 General Meeting  

Technical information Report Form 
for Annual Reports, System Modifications,
 or to request a New Coordination

- Short form Technical Information Report (No Changes Report) -
N.B. Note the conditions under which this form may 
be used, as defined on the form

Listings of Systems (SLVRC and Northern Ontario) by Frequency and Location
Plus APRS and Packet Stations
For the present, these listings are off the SLVRC site.  Return from the listings with your Back button, or 
go to www.slvrc.org again. 

Links to Associated Organizations
and to Northern Ontario Amateur Radio Club sites

Regional APRS Digipeaters 

Notes on the 222 MHz Band.

Chairman's Messages to SLVRC Members 
on the status of the Council:
Spring 2012
   - December  31 2012

Frequency Coordination - 
Frequently Asked Questions

Note about SLVRC Policy and Processes -
Members are encouraged to be familiar with the policies of the Council, especially those concerning annual and other reports that are required to maintain the  'Coordinated' status of their systems.

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Map of Brockville showing the #2 Fire Station.
Carte de Brockville indique le #2 Poste du Feu.