The Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna.

The Skew-Planar Wheel was designed by W1FVY and W1IJD in the 1960s.

For a more comprehensive article on the design, analysis and construction of this antenna, please see The Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna - Revisited, by VE3BYT with VE3KL.

This antenna, constructed by VE3BYT, was built  for the beacon VE3WCC on 903.370 MHz  in Ottawa, Canada.

This example by VE3BYT is built for 440 MHz.
Elements are 1/8 in. diameter bronze rod.

Following attachment of the coaxial feedline, the connection and the center hub are coated for waterproofing.
In the 903 MHz antenna, the lower ends of the elements are soldered into a copper pipe cap.  
In the 440 MHz version the elements terminate in a (soldered together) stack of lugs.

The Skew-Planar Antenna at 2.4 GHz
 constructed on a female BNC connector by 
Clare Fowler, VE3NPC.
As shown here, the male connector and bolt are for support for the photo only
and the pen is to show the scale of the antenna.

This Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna at 1296 MHz  was constructed by Peter Jago, VA3PJ, using an inverted female SMA connector.  The antenna is mounted on 
rigid coaxial cable.  

This one is built for left-hand circular polarization.


David Conn, VE3KL, has done an extensive analysis of the Skew-Planar antenna.  
It produces circular polarization, and has an omnidirectional, low pattern.
The optimum separation for stacking two antennas is 5/8 wavelength.

N.B. Testing and analysis has shown that the elements should be 
slightly more than one wavelength long ( WL x 1.0443 ).
The factors to use are: 
31329 / F (centimeters) or 12334 / F (inches) long.
This antenna is broad in frequency response.  In practice, element lengths are not supercritical.

Element lengths for some bands

Frequency - MHz

Length - cm

Length - inches

223.5 140.2 55.19
440 71.2 28.03
915 34.2 13.48
1290 24.3 9.56
2400 13.1 5.14

Graham Ide  VE3BYT

Details from an old (1964) ARRL Antenna Book 
showing construction for the 144 MHz band.
(Note the comment above on Element Length)



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